Now Entering The Arena

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ hall of fame wide receiver Lynn Swann is entering a new competition: running for governor of Pennsylvania.

He’s certainly got a huge leg-up on name recognition, but I’m not sure how well he’ll sell to Iggles fans. Fortunately, the Steelers and Eagles are in different conferences in the NFL, and rarely play each other, except in the preseason.


(Captain Ed notes one immediate upside: Cleveland Browns fan Hugh Hewitt “will have to learn to love the Pittsburgh Steelers. A perfect world will truly have arrived!” Heh.)

And this seems like as good a place as any to hang news about current NFL players: Randy Moss is apparently headed to Oakland, where his bad boy image makes him a natural. And Drew Bledsoe is definitely heading to Dallas, where he’ll be reunited with Bill Parcells. The Dallas press have been loathing the idea (even before it was officially announced), but Bledsoe, at 33, probably still has a few decent years left, and is familar with Parcells’ tough Lombardi-era style of coaching.


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