Ed Driscoll

Faster Than A Speeding Pixel!

Will Collier of VodkaPundit writes:

Remember the brain surgeon who tried to recover the deposit on the van used to bomb the World Trade Center back in 1992? His name was Mohammad Salameh, and for over a dozen years, he’s held the title as the dumbest Islamic terrorist on record. Few observers believed that Salameh’s breathtaking stupidity could ever be topped.

But little did we know that even dumber jihadis were out there. Ladies and gents, I give you… the G.I. Joe kidnappers.

“John Adam,” supposedly an American soldier threatened with beheading, turns out to be a G.I. Joe knockoff. No, really. It’s a doll. They captured a doll, and then posted a “ransom” picture so lame it wouldn’t get so much as a chuckle on Fark.

Hey, you backwards-ass Islamofascist idiots–we’re Americans. We have better special effects than that in our local TV commercials. In Mississippi. The only people dense enough to fall for that picture are Reuters reporters, and that’s a Rather low standard for credibility, isn’t it?

I wouldn’t want to be in your piss-stained trousers when Scott Ott sees this one.

He already has.

Update: I wouldn’t want to be in your trousers when Will’s partner in Stoli sees it, either.