Ed Driscoll

Fusionism In The Blogosphere

Back in August, Kenneth Silber explained the definition and origin of the word “Fusionism” in Tech Central Station:

Like the man who’s surprised to learn he’s been speaking prose all his life, the fusionist is a political category whose members may operate without much awareness of their label. Fusionism is the idea, named and developed decades ago by Frank Meyer of National Review, that conservatism and libertarianism share a common agenda. Thus, the fusionist believes that conservatives and libertarians ought to be allies — and indeed that their respective philosophies are largely or essentially combinable into a coherent body of thought.

Fusionism, whether going by that name or not, has long had both adherents and detractors on the rightward side of the American political spectrum.

Pejman Yousefzadeh says it’s working surprisingly well in the Blogosphere.

(Via the man who fuses Weblogs, crushed ice, vodka, vermouth and olives.)