Ed Driscoll

Pictures You Will Never See on 60 Minutes

I especially like the shot of the hospital ship USNS Mercy, but the author of the title is right–Mike and Morley and crew won’t be featuring any of these anytime soon.

Found via Little Green Footballs, who also probably won’t be on any CBS-related show, anytime soon.

(Why? Well, let’s just say that , I’m really surprised that Charles Johnson’s entry into Hugh Hewitt’s Photoshop contest didn’t make the first cut–I thought it was a likely winner, myself. If you’ve been following RathGate since its beginning, or your read my Top Ten 2004 Blogging Moments piece for Tech Central Station, you should instantly get the joke.)

Update: Michelle Malkin writes:

Greetings, America-haters. Do you think you could stop raving against our “war criminals” and “killing machines”