Every Man An Anchorman

In an essay on how bloggers helped defeat Tom Daschle, John Fund considers another way that they could transform online journalism:

Technology is moving so fast that there are now a growing number of video bloggers, or “vloggers,” who look toward the day when they can produce original programming, bypassing the usual broadcast networks and cable channels. Dan Rather may have done more than legitimize the blogging community with his scandal. He may have helped accelerate a radical decentralization of media power that will turn bloggers into future anchors of their own mini-news programs.


I agree: by 2008, expect lots of one or two-man online TV stations–or at least bloggers with lots of multimedia content. And when they start to catch on as personalities, I’d be very, very scared if I was a TV producer.

(Of course, the smart producers will try to co-opt the best of them–and their audience.)


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