More On The "Dieter" Democrats

Back on Friday, we received a huge Insta- and Power-Lanche from our post about seeing Tom Wolfe speak in San Francisco and witnessing the remarkable exchange between Tom and the fellow in the audience I dubbed “Dieter”, after the Mike Myers Saturday Night Live character.


Today, Hugh Hewitt writes that Dieter’s mindset is proving to be the rule, not the exception in today’s Democratic Party:

The hostility towards religious belief expressed by some Democratic activists is extraordinary. This was once the party of the working poor and immigrants who have always cherished their faiths. If the elites of the party share this resentment –even if it is not openly expressed– the party will never recover. I would like to see some from among those elites answer this growing anti-Christian sentiment within their ranks.

As Rod Dreher noted in a brilliant piece from last year, the Democrats started becoming the Godless party back in the early 1970s. It may take them equally long if they want to reverse the process.


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