Whopper of the Day

E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post should talk to his fellow columnists and media stars more often. Because it would stop him from typing embarrassing lines like this:


An administration given to hubris will have to be checked by institutions outside what is likely to be a compliant Congress. This is no time for the independent media to be intimidated by trumped-up charges of liberal bias.

As we illustrated here, The New York Times has admitted that they’re liberal. Self-professed liberal Bernie Goldberg wrote two books that explained how CBS was liberal. Walter Cronkite has admitted that he and most reporters he knows are liberal. Andy Rooney admitted that he himself is a liberal. Evan Thomas admitted that the media was in the bag for Kerry.

Trumped up?? Heck, these days, the legacy media itself is almost eager and gleeful to admit that it’s biased to the left. Didn’t Dionne get the memo?


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