Ed Driscoll

Mr. Subliminal Strikes Again

OK, this is silly. But just as silly as the subliminal DemocRATS faux-controversy of 2000 was. As Jim Geraghty writes:

How much attention does this report deserve?

Oh, about as much attention as the silly charges that the Bush campaign ran a “subliminal” ad from 2000 –which generated a great deal of outrage, on the front page of the New York Times, if I recall correctly.

And the BBC, whose September 2000 story–which sounds virtually transcribed from a DNC press release–is still up. I found it near top of a Google search, which had 619 links found when searching on “Democrats rats subliminal“.

This is another tempest in a teapot sort of story, but it’s interesting to watch some payback from the new media flexing its muscles.