Ed Driscoll

Make. Them. Stop.

Charles Johnson writes, “After inviting George W. Bush to Bring … It … On, John F. Kerry is now begging him to Make … Them … Stop.”

There’s just one problem, and Kerry knows it: “according to the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform law, it would be illegal for the Bush campaign to try to influence a 527 group like the Swift Boat Veterans, either to continue or to stop.”

Looking at this post though, you have to wonder how close the Kerry campaign is to the 527s on the left.

Meanwhile, Frank Martin wonders what’s caused the press to go from treating Kerry as if he’s a joke, to carrying his water. They can really turn on a dime, huh?

Update: Speaking of 527s, this graphic puts the funding of the Swift Boat Vets and the 527s on the left into stark perspective.