Ed Driscoll

More Railroad Weirdness

Via James Lileks comes this story in the New York Post:

Police fear five empty suitcases left at Penn Station, New York FBI headquarters and other security hot spots in early April were a test by terrorists bent on a Madrid-type attack on commuter rails, The Post has learned.

A confidential Metropolitan Transit Authority police bulletin, titled “Possible Surveillance Testing Tactics,” reveals K-9 cops are on edge over a “suspicious packages pattern” they encountered between the last week of March and the first week of April.

“During the past week and a half, the K-9 Unit has responded to approximately five calls for unattended/suspicious packages which they cleared,” the confidential bulletin stated.

“However, uniquely, all cases involved empty suitcases.

“These cases appear to be unusual because in most cases of an unattended bag/package there is something in the container, whether personal belongings, clothes or other items.”

Add this to the list of other railroad weirdness in the northeast this year.