Ed Driscoll


MY CARY GRANT PIECE, which I had to knock about 400 words off to fit into the allotted space of an Electronic House newsletter, is now online in its original form at Blogcritics.


UPDATE: One of the films I mentioned as being newly out on DVD was Grant’s Night and Day, a heavily whitewashed biopic of Cole Porter. It omits Porter’s bisexuality, because audiences in 1946 would have flipped out, the script would never have gotten past the Hays Office, and Porter and his wife, Linda were still very much alive at the time.

There’s a new Porter film out starring Kevin Kline as Porter and Ashley Judd as Linda, called De-Lovely, which does explore Porter’s sexuality in more detail, which isn’t all that surprising considering today’s standards and mores.

But as an actual film, Rex Reed is not at all happy with it, writing that “Misery prevails from downbeat to encore”:

No waiting around for the sour notes in De-Lovely: A no-fail idea begins to fail in the very first scene. An old man in a lonely penthouse plays a mournful “Night and Day” in a wheelchair. This is Kevin Kline as the dying Cole Porter

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