Ed Driscoll


JONAH GOLDBERG TAKES ANDREW SULLIVAN TO TASK for his regular attacks on President Bush, and I think he’s got a point:

A blog which soared with high-minded rhetoric about how the war on terror is the test for this generation and that Bush was the right man to lead that struggle, now day-after-day tries to whittle away at reasons to support Bush in the fall as if the war on terror were merely another issue which can be trumped by any other issue you happen to feel more passionate about.

“Some days”, Jonah adds, “it really sounds like Sullivan wants to jump into the anti-Bush pool but he just can’t muster the gumption if others won’t join him.”

UPDATE: Jonah notes that Sullivan has pulled a fast one:

I must say I was surprised to discover this link from the gay magazine The Advocate. It seems that Andrew had been unequivocal about his opinions on Bush in that publication but not in his blog. In his Advocate essay he writes:

But it