HOLY SCHNIKIES! Village Voice calls

HOLY SCHNIKIES! Village Voice calls for all Republicans to be “exterminated”. No, really!

UPDATE: Charles Johnson writes:

There’s a bad craziness loose among the media elites. That a reputable journalist would write such a thing is bad enough–but for any paper, even the Village Voice, to publish it without a qualm is infinitely worse.


I thought the whole beef that elites have Weblogs is that there’s no editor to fact check and to prevent over the top remarks from being published. With the Village Voice, you have to wonder what’s in the water, that would allow an editor to let a quote like that to fly under radar.

Of course, as James Lileks presciently wrote this past week:

To paraphrase an influential thinker of the previous century: The death of millions is a statistic.

The reelection of one is a tragedy.

That’s certainly true as far as 36 Cooper Square is concerned. Never mind the fact that a real extermination occurred only a few blocks away from there.


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