Ed Driscoll


THE REAL PICTURE SHOW: Roger L. Simon says he has a scoop about some of the content that will soon be broadcast on the new Arab-language television network, Alhurra: photographs and videos of Saddam’s henchmen in action, torturing–and I mean torturing–“light years beyond what you have seen from our troops in Abu Ghraib”, as Simon puts it.

Simon has three questions about this material:

I would like to know if any of these torturers is actually in Abu Ghraib right now. Let’s hope they were not among those let out. I also would like to know what Senator Kennedy has to say about the moral equivalence of our actions after watching these tapes. And finally, I would like to know why it took so long for these to come out.

All good questions. But don’t look for the press to question Ted anytime soon about his recent statements anytime soon.