Ed Driscoll


Only this time, rather than involving Republicans Trent Lott and Strom Thurmond, it’s Chris Dodd praising Robert Byrd, whose checkered background includes time spent as a KKK Grand Dragon.

Both episodes began with quotes broadcast on C-SPAN and pushed forward via the Blogosphere and talk radio. In 2002, Lott ended up being disgraced–as a result of the elections that November, he was about to resume his role as Senate Majority Leader. Instead, he’s now an anonomous backbencher.

Lott’s speech was made as part of Thurmond’s retirement celebration, and the 100 year old senator from South Carolina died shortly thereafter.

To the best of my knowledge, Byrd isn’t planning to retire, and if anything, Dodd is more powerful in Democratic circles, than Lott is with Republicans.

Let’s see if the traditional media picks up on this, and if anything happens to either of Lott or Byrd as a result of this speech and its initial reaction.

(Senator Lott Dod, from The Phantom Menace unfortunately could not be reached for comment about his two namesakes.)