Ed Driscoll


IN THE BEGINNING: I like Chris Muir. I think he’s a helluva cartoonist. I even interviewed him last year for Tech Central Station. But he’s just made me feel like I should I apply for Social Security:

I cut my teeth on my school’s Altair back in ’76. It was hooked up to a Western Union teletypewriter, which was being used as its keyboard and printout device. The monitor, a converted television set, would come a little later. Programs were entered in and saved to paper tape, which the machine punched, a bit like a player piano, to save programs.

I was about ten at the time. I’ll never forget walking into the classroom where it was kept: seeing that machine in its blue and gray box for the first time, was a bit like all of my dreams from watching Star Trek and Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey had come true.

And now it’s the equivalent of a Model T from 1908.

Incidentally, Muir is trying to get Day by Day into newspapers. Please call, write, or email the syndicates he has listed on his site if you’d like to see it there as well.