Ed Driscoll

JFK JR. JR.: It's very

JFK JR. JR.: It’s very difficult for me to imagine the original JFK cursing out a secret service man assigned to protect him during a photo op. On the other hand, it’s not at all surprising to read John F’ing Kerry, while snow boarding in front of the press, called his agent a “son of a b*itch“. After all, the man drops F-words in magazine interviews, reams out potential voters, and his wife calls a sitting president and his staff, “Asses of Evil“.

Earlier this week, we linked to an article on “The Perpetual Adolescent“. Today, Steven Hayward asks, what sort of 60-year old man snowboards? (I’m waiting for Kerry to show up for a photo op at the skateboard park in the Great Mall of Milpitas in pads, shorts and a helmet, toting his board.)

For all his faults, the original JFK, along with his wife, knew how to comport himself in public. The Kerrys could take a lesson from them.