Ed Driscoll


KERRY’S LATEST GAFFE: Hugh Hewitt compares it to Bush’s infamous quip about Adam Clymer.

Andrew Sullivan wrote last June that “The one thing that knowledgeable people have told me about John Kerry is that he doesn’t know when to stop. He has no controlling mechanism when he goes on the attack.”

How long can the press keep covering for him? I don’t know. But Will Collier asks:

Just what will it take before a major, non-conservative media figure and/or outlet describes Kerry’s charges as “mean” or “nasty”, without the ritual reference to “both sides,” particularly when the Bush side’s rhetoric doesn’t even register on the vitriol scale compared to Kerry’s?

If not this, then what? Is there anything that Kerry could say that’s worthy of media criticism, or even scrutiny?

As Michael Graham wrote today, “If the coverage of the presidential race continues at its current, egregious pace, this may be the year when the media finally end the pretense that they are not dominated by liberal interests”.