Ed Driscoll


THE ADS AND THEIR AFTERMATH: Newsday reports, “More than a dozen families who lost relatives in the Sept. 11 attacks released a letter Saturday declaring their support for President Bush and his use of images of the destroyed World Trade Center in campaign ads”.

Meanwhile, John Kerry personally believes that they’re “inappropriate”. (And to prove his point, Kerry will stop using references to his own war service in his speeches and advertising….right?)

The press really tipped their hand to their partisan nature shortly before Schwarzenegger’s election to the governership of California, and then left no doubt when they jumped all over Bush’s National Guard record. Was the concentrated and immediate nature of the press’s attack on President Bush’s 9/11 ads launched by a coordinated response by the DNC or Kerry’s team? If so, it deserves to backfire, and badly.

If we’re lucky, this most recent attack by the press may have just woken up the Red States, and the many good people on the left side of the aisle, who think that the war on terror is one that’s worth fighting. President Bush didn’t start it, but he deserves to finish it.