Ed Driscoll


THE FRISCO FIASCO: Skip Bayless writes the 49ers are in heap big trouble this coming season:

It has come to this for the once-proud 49ers: Management needs to keep Terrible Owens for one more year to distract fans from the mess it has made.

Before Terrell Owens fell back into its hapless lap, management had basically decided to concede next season. Anything above 8-8 would be lucky gravy. Anything below would be taking salary-cap medicine.

Really, 2003 was a Super Bowl-or-bust season. Management, sitting on a time bomb of dumb contracts, convinced itself its team had as good a shot as any. But the wildly erratic performance of Owens and quarterback Jeff Garcia, coupled with a defense that, on the road, couldn’t stop a chicken from crossing the road, added up to 7-9.

I wouldn’t look for any immediate miracles from Norv Turner in Oakland, either.