Ed Driscoll


BRITISH RESTAURATEUR MIGHT SUE CRITIC: Granted, the Sunday Telegraph’s reviewer is over the top:

It was, both parties will submit, not quite a glowing review. Indeed, phrases such as “the eighth circle of hell”, “among the very worst restaurants in Christendom” and “meals of crescendoing monstrosity” may have conveyed the impression that Matthew Norman, the prize-winning restaurant critic of The Sunday Telegraph Magazine, was not entirely enamoured with the food on offer at Shepherds in Westminster, central London.

But it is a British restaurant, which means that the odds are that he’s got a 50/50 shot at being right.

All of which ties in with my unified theory of Great Britain’s pre-World War II expansionist policies: Britain had to establish colonies in places like India, Hong Kong, and Jamaica–if only to get decent take out.

(Group Captain Mandrake should be along any moment now to tell you just how sublime England’s cuisine is.)

UPDATE: There he is!