Ed Driscoll


REMEMBERING THE LOWS OF 2003: Brent Bozell writes:

Fifty years from now, school children may learn that 2003 was the year President Bush liberated Iraq, creating a prosperous powerhouse of democratic capitalism in the Middle East. We don’t know how it will turn out, of course. But we know one thing: the first draft of history out of our national media came from the angry left, furious at the exercise of American power and solicitous of the dictator now in the dock.

The worst media eruptions of 2003 are now collected in the Media Research Center’s annual greatest-misses collection known as the Best of Notable Quotables. Forty-six judges selected the ugliest of the ugly, lest we forget how ridiculous our media elite can be.

The list is available here.

But remember…there’s no media bias!