Ed Driscoll


KERRY STILL CRITICAL OF BUSH ADMINISTRATION: Even if they can’t call it a great day for Iraq and Americans, why can’t any of these guys (or their speechwriters) do the classy thing and simply say, “Many Iraqis and Americans are rejoicing today, and it wouldn’t be right to interject politics into things at this moment. We’ll have plenty of time for that later”.

Instead the Copperhead Conjunction reigns supreme for most of the Democrats (Joe Lieberman and Joe Biden being the notable exceptions).

UPDATE: George Will writes:

No Democrat is running for president as a little ray of sunshine, but John Kerry used the occasion Sunday morning to tell Fox News that although the capture was good, the administration still has not done enough about AIDS. Can someone that tone-deaf govern?

Howard Dean was more gracious than he was when Hussein fled Baghdad. Then Dean said ‘I suppose’ that Hussein’s removal was a good thing. The capture was the third element in last week’s trifecta for George W. Bush, coming after Al Gore strengthened the candidacy of Bush’s preferred opponent and the Dow passed 10,000. But perhaps Sunday’s euphoria among the majority of next November’s voters will cause Democrats to pause on their double-time march toward nominating the one serious candidate of whom it can be indisputably said that, were he president, Hussein would still be a president too.