Ed Driscoll


Anti-Semitic attacks in New York more than tripled since last year, according to the New York Post:

The statistics are chilling to even those who don’t want to believe them: The number of anti-Semitic attacks in the city last month was more than triple that of a year ago – an ominous sign of “global anti-Semitism coming home,” Jewish leaders warn.

The vast majority of the attacks occurred in Brooklyn and mostly on the fringes of Jewish neighborhoods like Borough Park.

Meanwhile, when asked if anti-Semitism is on the increase, Noam Chomsky replies, “In the West, fortunately, it scarcely exists now“.

Of course, as Andrew Sullivan writes, “Chomsky has to deny it. Or else he would have to answer for consorting with those who practice it.”

UPDATE: Here’s another Chomsky whopper.

ANOTHER UPDATE: New York magazine has more, on anti-Semitism worldwide. They refer to “the new p.c. anti-Semitism”. Parse the words in that sentence for a few moments–it’s now politically correct for the left to be reflexively against Jews. Roger L. Simon’s right: it feels very much like 1938.