Ed Driscoll


One of the trailers before The Matrix: Revolutions was Disney’s The Alamo, starring Billy Bob Thornton as Davy Crockett, and scheduled for a Christmas release. My mind started going through my Hollywood checklist, as my hackles started to raise:

1. American history–always a subject for politically correct Hollywood revisionism.
2. Set in Texas, where our current president, who’s up for reelection next year, governed. Since the late 1990s, Texas has become the butt of many a joke in Hollywood films, even before GWB was elected.
3. At the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, its star once said, “Gosh, I would’t care if the President had been involved in bestiality if he runs the country right.”
4. It’s being released just before an election year, and as the country itself is at war. And on Christmas day, too!

Evidently, I wasn’t the only one having those thoughts, as the film is being re-edited “after preview audiences complained it was ‘too politically correct’ and pointed out that Disney had tried to portray the Mexican side sympathetically to appeal to Mexican-Americans and other Hispanics living in the US”, according to this article on NorthernIreland.co.uk.

Expect another battle similar to what just happened with CBS’s The Reagans, when this film is released.