HE'S IN. As James Lileks


As James Lileks recently wrote:

If he runs, he will get ten bazillion Jesse voters. First-timers – only timers, really – who will vote for Arnie because it?’s fun to vote for Arnie. This is not a constituency Schwartzenegger would feel compelled to court after the election, incidentally. They?’re like bee stings. You can only use them once, then politically they?’re dead.


All I can say is–if he wins (and he’ll very likely be the early front runner based on superstar name recognition alone), I hope he governs closer to an earlier ex-actor who once governed California, than Jesse “The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste” Ventura.

UPDATE: Lileks, whose Website is back from a Benthic Petroleum tanker truck-sized crash, has much more on Arnold.


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