Ed Driscoll


I’LL HAVE WHAT JOE’S SMOKING: The New Republic reports:

After offering the NAACP another apology for skipping the candidates’ forum and then ticking off his own civil rights credentials, Lieberman praised the NAACP for its work during the Florida recount. That’s when things became absurd. “We didn’t realize at the time, Al Gore and I, that we not only needed Kweisi Mfume fighting for justice here in Florida counting votes,” Lieberman said, “we need him on the Supreme Court where the votes really counted. Maybe that’ll happen some day.”

So Lieberman–a man who once questioned affirmative action–is now saying that he’ll put Kweisi Mfume–a man who, according to his biography on the NAACP website, has not even attended law school–on the Supreme Court? Nothing like compounding an initial mistake.

There’s a lot of that going around, it seems.