Ed Driscoll


HOUSE OKs PERMANENT END OF ESTATE TAX: This AP article suggests the bill will die in the Senate, but Stephen Moore, of the Club for Growth, said:

Supporters are two to four votes short of the 60 needed in the Senate to repeal the estate tax.

Moore predicted Republicans will take the issue to Senate elections and ask voters to elect lawmakers who will close that gap. “It becomes an issue that can galvanize conservative voters,” he said.

By the way, check out this hilarious ending to the piece:

Seth Goldman, president of Honest Tea in Bethesda, Md., said eliminating the estate tax will create “an entitled class” and suppress entrepreneurship.

“There are those who claim that an estate tax is un-American, but I believe that the idea of an inherited upper-class is un-American,” he said.

What–Greg Packer wasn’t available to deliver that quote?