Ed Driscoll


WELL THIS CLEARS IT UP! Andrew Sullivan quotes from an exchange between Howie Kurtz and Lawrence O’Donnell, the creater of “Mr. Sterling,” whom Kurtz describes as “the absurdly idealistic senator played by Josh Brolin” in the NBC TV series:

KURTZ: One thing these programs have in common, conservatives are practically invisible. President Bartlett in “The West Wing” is a Democrat. Martin Sheen, in fact, made anti-war ads before the invasion of Iraq. “Mr. Sterling” is a California liberal based loosely on Jerry Brown. Why aren’t there any Republicans?

O’DONNELL: You will never get that TV show. You’ll never, ever get the Republican TV show. the Writers Guild of America, my union, is at a minimum, 99 percent leftist liberal and, like me, socialist. And we don’t know how to write it. We don’t.

Of course not. But I know someone who does