Ed Driscoll


“TAPE SHOWS EXHAUSTED, CONFUSED SADDAM”: Was this his last speech, or the last speech of a Saddamalike?

By the way, incredible timing: contrast how a Saddam who looks “exhausted, at times confused and seemingly resigned to defeat”, with the BSD who arrived on the Abraham Lincoln yesterday must be playing in the Middle East:

The landing thing was supposed to be third world, its for Al Jazeera and Co. Bush is remembering to talk to the rest of the world here, its his bit for those that don’t dig the nuances of 1st world foreign policy. Quick translation: I’m the “swingingest” alpha male on the block, all that stuff about American cowardice by Al Queda, et al was as accurate as Bagdad Bob’s press conferences.

Anybody know what Al-Jazeera is saying about all this?