Ed Driscoll


FOUND IN A DAILY VARIETY FROM JANUARY 1942: I was going through some of my father’s old World War II-era memorabilia, and was flabbergasted by this article, which began, “Up and coming childhood starlet Elizabeth Taylor shocks Hollywood by her pro-Hitler remarks:

The beautiful young brunette from National Velvet said, “What the [bleep] are the Americans doing by saying to Hitler, ‘Pack up your bags, hop a train, and get out of town!’ What if someone said that to Roosevelt?

“You don’t think Nazis are going to retaliate? You don’t think they’re going to bomb the s— out of us? It’s going to be terrifying.”

You probably guessed it–that’s not from a sixty year old Variety, it’s from the New York Daily News today, with Saddam and Bush changed to that era’s mustachioed totalitarian butcher and American president.

Whatever Hollywood stars or starlets had anti-war views after Pearl Harbor, they kept them to themselves, for fear or damaging both their careers, and the war effort.

Amazing how times change, huh?