Ed Driscoll


STEVEN DEN BESTE IS NOT HAPPY: He’s dubbed Bush’s speech the “State of the Weasel” address.

UPDATE: Stephen Green begs to differ:

The UN, it sounds to me, can choose either to be a part of the existing coalition, or it can go get screwed — perhaps at their new HQ in Geneva. (OK, so I read some wishful thinking in there at the end.)

In any case, I’m more reassured now than I was a week ago, not less.

We’ll see. Let’s just say I like Lileks’ opinion that this speech is the first of a processional, rather than Den Beste’s take, but that could purely be wishful thinking on my part. Check back in two or three weeks–we’ll know by then.

UPDATE: Steven’s feeling better about things, after a night’s sleep and a lot of email and thinking.