Ed Driscoll


IS THE MOOCH A MEMORY? While the Bucs were blowing out the ’49ers, Fox’s NFL announcers, Troy Aikman, Collinsworth and Joe Buck spent much of the fourth quarter speculating that 49ers head coach Steve Mariucci was toast.

In contrast, these quotes by John York, the owner of the 49ers sound like there will be mo’ Mooch next season.

But obviously, anything could happen in the interim, particularly when Mariucci has Bill Walsh and Terry Donahue looking over his shoulder.

UPDATE: Len Pasquarelli of ESPN.com has some thoughts:

“The more plausible scenario is that Niners ownership and general manager Terry Donahue will offer Mariucci an extension, but at a salary below the current market value for a coach of his tenure. Then rather than accept such a deal, Mariucci could simply announce that he will enter 2003 as a lame duck, and become a free agent after that season.

Management would then be forced with the decision of whether or not to keep Mariucci around for the final season of his contract.