Ed Driscoll


CAN’T SAY I BLAME HIM: Steven Den Beste really, really doesn’t want the French supporting us in Iraq:

The British will come, and will be welcome. I will be proud to have them by our side and I know that our men in the theater will feel the same way. We will happily rely on them, and know that they won’t let us down.

But as to the French, WRONG. I do not want them anywhere near our men in combat; I do not trust their government in this and I do not want our men to be relying on French combat support, because it may vanish at a moment’s notice on orders from Paris. I don’t want their jets in the sky over our men, I don’t want their ships near ours, and I don’t want their soldiers within a hundred miles of ours on the ground.

These are the people who, last March, offered jets to support Operation Anaconda and who, when issued orders to bomb a certain location during the heat of battle, refused to do so. We will not have a repeat of that. You don’t get a second chance to leave our guys hanging their ***es in the breeze without support.

Hey, there’s a reason why they’re called the cheese-eating surrender monkeys.