Ed Driscoll


LAW PROFESSOR, BLOGGER, SITH LORD, MUSICIAN: In the January issue of Poptronics magazine, I have an article titled “Virtual Graffiti” (why yes, I am a Led Zeppelin fan!) on home recording that features several quotes from an interview I conducted in the fall with Glenn Reynolds, the Dark Lord of the Sith Blogosphere.

You know, other than that strange moment when I somehow had an asthma attack as he pinched his fingers together and mentioned “these aren’t the questions you’re looking for”, he’s really a much nicer guy than his recent photos would indicate!

Seriously though–if you’ve ever thought about using your PC to make your own music, or if you’d just like to read about what Professor Reynolds does during the 30 seconds or so a day when he’s not blogging or teaching law, this article might be a great place to start.

Pick up a copy or ten at your newsstand today!