Ed Driscoll


WHOLE LOTTA NOTHING: Trent Lott needs to be replaced as Senate Majority Leader. Jonah Goldberg writes:

Trent Lott only does two things well, freeze-dry his hair and say stupid things. He mishandled impeachment, mishandled the 1998 elections, mishandled power-sharing with the Democrats after the 2000 election and mishandled Jim Jeffords straight into the Democratic Party.

One reason so many conservatives are denouncing Lott is that he’s never given conservatives much reason to trust him or care about him. He’s a deal-cutter who seems to stand for nothing except massive amounts of pork to his home state and, occasionally, sticking up for Jim Crow.

Already, many conservatives assume that Tom Daschle’s muted support for Lott was paid for with some political concession. If incoming House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (or other Southerners like Newt Gingrich, Dick Armey et al) made a similar gaffe, conservatives would have bled in defense of the guy — not only because he isn’t racist, but because Delay stands for more than process and pork. But while DeLay stands for principle, Lott stands for little. And what he does stand for, we don’t need.

I agree. On the other hand, this is just pathetic.