Ed Driscoll

THE DASCHLE GAMBIT, according to

THE DASCHLE GAMBIT, according to Jonah Goldberg:

Daschle’s real aim was to win the support and admiration of the people who already agree with him. The Democratic Party has made the collective decision to become an aggressively liberal party. This is in part because the moderates got their heads handed to them in the last election. But it’s also because the Democratic Party is dominated, and will remain dominated, by presidential hopefuls.

As is always the case, Democrats run far to the left up to and through the presidential primaries in order to win the party’s base. Well, the base of the Democratic Party loathes Rush Limbaugh and believes that he’s the devil’s harbinger of religious intolerance.

For Daschle to be seen as the chief victim and critic of Rush Limbaugh is a political boon. And if uttering such idiotic prattle is the price for winning the Dems’ allegiance, it’s a tiny price to pay. What this says about the people who nodded when Daschle made his comments is a subject for another day.

In the meantime, read the whole thing.