Ed Driscoll


A Mike Bloomberg voter is sorry he voted for him:

I guess I was a fool to believe that Bloomberg—a former Democrat who changed party affiliations to run for office—would become anything but what he is today.

UPDATE: Found on the New York Post’s Page Six Column was this tasty item:

Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter went head-on with Mayor Bloomberg at Andrew Stein’s dinner party last week. The dinner, in a private room at The Four Seasons, was in full bloom when Carter took out a cigarette and lit up right in front of the virulently anti-smoking mayor. As Howard Stringer, Amanda Burden, Mike Wallace and Roger Waters looked on in amusement, Bloomberg bit his tongue while Charlie Rose suggested the two debate the issue on his show. Carter declined but proposed his pal Fran Lebowitz instead.

Good for Carter for showing his displeasure right at the source!