Ed Driscoll


FRESNO BUS ATTACK: A passenger slashed the throat of a Greyhound bus driver as the bus traveled down a California freeway, causing it to careen out of control, authorities said. The driver survived but two other people died and dozens were injured.

Curiously, according to the AP report:

Almost exactly a year ago, on Oct. 3, 2001, a passenger on a Greyhound bus in Tennessee cut the driver’s throat, causing a crash that killed seven.

Two weeks later, passengers on another Greyhound bus were credited with averting disaster in Utah after they helped thwart an alleged hijacker. And in November, a Greyhound passenger angry that he wasn’t allowed to smoke scuffled with a driver in Arizona, causing a crash that injured 33.

Given the current environment, I’d have no problem with Greyhound drivers getting very rough with out-of-control passengers.

Armed bus drivers? Makes sense to me.