Ed Driscoll

HIGH NOON. Orrin Judd thinks

HIGH NOON. Orrin Judd thinks that Bush’s UN speech tomorrow will be a bit like Gary Cooper in High Noon:

David Gregory, NBC’s White House Correspondent, was on Imus in the Morning today and he was asked about George W. Bush’s U.N. appearance tomorrow. He revealed that–with half the nation and most of the world expecting the President, like a dutiful and chastened schoolboy to present a kind of book report about Saddam trying to develop nuclear weapons, and then grovel for a UN mandate to do something about it–Mr. Bush is instead going to confront the member nations and the institution itself and ask: What more do you need? He’ll discuss the many UN resolutions that Saddam has violated and ask what the purpose of the body is if they’re unwilling to enforce their own diktats. He’ll demand, though one assumes politely, that either the UN act immediately in accordance with its own previous decisions, or we’ll act for them.

Good. Just like ol’ Coop was, I like a man who’s a straight talker and shooter.