Ed Driscoll


THE ANTI-AMERICAN ANCHOR: Brent Bozell runs roughshod over Peter Jennings, someone who certainly deserves it. Bozell writes:

In a recent appearance on the David Letterman show, the Canadian-born anchor said his mother “was pretty anti-American. And so I was, in some respects, raised with anti-Americanism in my blood or in my mother’s milk at least.” That attitude is not suppressed on the air.

Jennings and his “Road to War?” series have provided a platform for war opponents, leaving out any of the policymakers outside the Bush team who favor American action — including usual media favorites such as Joe Lieberman and John McCain. They find no public purpose in exploring the costs of U.S. inaction or the benefits of ousting Saddam Hussein.

On August 20, Jennings wondered “whether or not the White House is losing control of the debate about war with Iraq.” Network anchors like Jennings believe they should have rigid control over any political debate. Their tone suggests that foolish is the president who suggests to the all-powerful boob tube titans that they are not in command of indoctrinating the citizenry in what to believe.