Ed Driscoll


WAS THE WORLD SUMMIT A SUCCESS, asks Den Beste in another post on his USS Clueless site, as I get caught up from a weekend without broadband:

So was this summit a success? Depends on what you thought it would accomplish. If your goal was to attend and to eat a lot of lobster and caviar and drink a lot of champagne, then it was unequivocally a success.

If you wanted to be able to come home and say that there was an agreement, then it’s still a success. They’ll have an agreement, all right.

If you actually wanted the agreement to make any difference, I’d say it wasn’t. Expect a rising tide of criticism from the activist groups after the summit is over, as they realize that their grand dreams of actually diverting the world to a new course evaporated like so many lumps of dry ice in the African sunshine.

At least they were successful in preventing the Arabs from hijacking the conference and turning it into yet another Israeli slam-fest.