Ed Driscoll

THE HATE BOAT: Little Green

THE HATE BOAT: Little Green Footballs links to this article in The Jerusalem Report, about Israel Navy operations chief Eli Marum, the man who captured the Karine A, a ship purchased by Yasser Arafat and loaded with weaponry bound for the PA:

[Marum] notes that the ship itself was purchased from a Lebanese seller for $400,000 last October — after Arafat had made his post-September 11 pledge to fight terror — by Adel Mughrabi, a senior PA figure close to Arafat. Another Arafat confidant, Fouad Shubaki, chief procurement and finance officer of the PA, handled payment for the weapons. Marum says it is “outrageous” that Shubaki is being held in a PA facility in Jericho. “He ought to be tried in a proper court of law.”

The shipment filled 80 custom-made submersible containers, which were to be tossed overboard off the Gaza coast and washed ashore or picked up by fishing boats and other small vessels. The haul included 700,000 rounds of small-arms ammunition; 735 hand grenades, 311 anti-personnel mines and 211 anti-tank mines; 345 long- and short-range Katyusha rockets and 10 launchers; 29 mortar tubes and 1,545 shells; six Sagger wire-guided anti-tank missile launchers and 10 missiles; 51 RPG-7 anti-tank missiles and 328 rockets; 30 high-powered Dragonov telescopic rifles; 212 Kalashnikov assault rifles, over 2,000 kilograms of explosives, and two speedboats with powerful Yamaha engines and a range of diving equipment. Much of this weaponry is prohibited from the PA under the Oslo Accords.