ANN COULTER: I can't say

ANN COULTER: I can’t say I’m Ann’s greatest fan, but this is one riot of an interview with her. Check out this riff:

At the moment, she is without a boyfriend; curiously, her last beau happened to be a Muslim. “The relationship was complicated by his interest in committing jihad,” she jokes. “I took away his box cutters. At first, I thought he was a terrorist. I just kept on running into this handsome Muslim on the street. He was a fan of mine.”

So was he stalking her? “He was, but he was a good-looking stalker. I’d been so looking for one of those.”


UPDATE: Here’s Coulter’s take on Phyllis Schlafly, who received as many brickbats in the 1970s as Coulter gets today. (See also Orrin Judd’s thoughts on Schlafly, complete with hyperlinks to her books and his reviews of them.)


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