Ed Driscoll


DECLARE 9/11 A NATIONAL HOLIDAY? That’s the aim of this petition. Frankly I’m torn. Part of me think this country has lots of holidays already, and the best thing we could do to honor the dead, the vast majority of whom were hardworking white collar professionals, is to go to work ourselves on each September 11th. And yet, we have holidays to commemorate those killed in both WWI and WWII, and of course, July 4th is a defacto commemoration of the battles of the Revolutionary War.

Here’s a thought: let’s see the war on terrorism come to some sort of conclusion (the toppling of Saddam Hussein, the capture of Bin Laden (or positive proof of his death), a Saudi government that doesn’t sponsor terrorism, a disarming of Palestinian terrorists, all would be good signs), and then we can think about declaring September 11th a national holiday, celebrating the end, not the beginning of this war.