BIG BROTHER DOMINATES AIRSTRIP ONE: Ingsoc has taken over the country formally known as England. Group Captain Mandrake reports that his children are forced to watch broadcasts of Big Brother for up to 18 hours a day on their telescreens, for party indoctrination and propaganda purposes. Writing from his office in the Ministry of Information, Mandrake says:


They are all hooked on Big Brother. We have cable service here, so we get the e4 channel. That means Big Brother can be on the tv as much as 18 hours a day. Even some of the soap operas (hanging my head in shame at this further admission of failure) are forgotten if they interfere with Big Brother (as Emmerdale does, I am told).

Ooops, upon further research, I’ve discovered that apparently, this Big Brother isn’t the head of a tyrannical socialist regime making permanent war with Eastasia, but an English game show.

But I do think fluoridation in the water might behind both forms of Big Brother…


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