Ed Driscoll


THAT’S IT, IT’S RUINED: Well, not really. The Star Wars films have always had huge plot holes in them if you thought about them for a second. My current favorite is, in the first (1977) one, the Rebel Base is on a moon orbiting a gas giant–a planet, like Jupiter, made up largely of hydrogen. The Death Star can blow up planets. Just blow up the friggin’ gas giant, and you’ll take out the Rebel Base! (But of course, that would have eliminated the need for the bitchin’ X-Wings and Tie Fighters battle in the Death Star trench, arguably the single coolest scene in the film–and certainly the best edited.)

Daniel Frank, an LA comedian whose nom de blog is (ala the great Groucho), Captain Spaulding, has found another.

(found via VodkaPundit)