Ed Driscoll


“IF WE ONLY HAD TANKS” Sorry for the double dipping of Jonah Goldberg today, but I loved the points he makes on the “‘suicide bombers’ are the only weapons the Palestinians have argument:

The most annoying argument made by apologists for these massacre-bombers is the one which begins with something like, “the Palestinians don’t have American-made tanks and helicopters, ‘suicide bombers’ are the only weapons the Palestinians have….” The reason this argument is so annoying is threefold.

First, the explicit assumption in this formulation is that if indeed the Palestinians had helicopters and tanks, they would in fact use them. In other words, to make this argument is to concede that the Palestinians are at war with Israel which would put all of the peace rhetoric in a very different light.

Which leads to the second issue. Nobody who makes the “the Palestinians don’t have tanks” argument will ever concede the logic of their assertion. If you say to them, “So if they had tanks they’d use them? That doesn’t really sound like a desire for peace.” You get eye-rolls as if you just don’t get it.

And, lastly, contrary to what this argument implies and the assertions of countless Arafat apologists, the Israeli military was not designed nor intended to be aimed at the Palestinians. It was designed to fight wars with actual nations which, several times in the past, tried to destroy Israel. To suggest that the Israeli military is a weapon intended for the Palestinians is a form of moral equivalence. It assumes that Israeli weapons were intended for murder just like Palestinian bomber belts. And that’s a lie.