Ed Driscoll

DVD-AUDIO IS DOA, according to

DVD-AUDIO IS DOA, according to the Digital Bits:

the folks over at AudioRevolution have written up a great story on the DVD-Audio and SACD formats, which seem to be pretty dead on arrival. Part of the problem is that consumers are reluctant to buy into formats with uncertain futures and few decent software titles. The fact that there are two competing high-rez audio formats, and few players that support both, doesn’t help. And the record companies seem to have a very definite lack of interest in promoting the formats much beyond the connoisseur market, probably owing to nervousness about digital piracy. But there’s another problem too, which the article discusses. Simply put, there’s a lot of disagreement about how best to create multi-channel, 5.1 audio mixes of older 2.0 stereo studio recordings. The article is well worth a read, so be sure to check it out.