Ed Driscoll


LAST NIGHT’S NIGHTLINE: Glenn Reynolds received an email from a reader, describing last night’s edition of ABC’s Nightline series. Apparently, the entire show was a profile of Bahman Farman Ara, an Iranian film director who lived in the US for a long time before returning to Iran a few years ago. “Well, interview is the wrong word”, the email read, ” there was no questioner and no question. Ara was allowed to speak for 30 minutes with no response. I can’t imagine Nightline doing a similar show with an Israeli.”

All in all, it was one hell of a half hour of unedited, unabashed pro-Iran propaganda, broadcast by the same company that brings you Mickey Mouse, the Stanley Cup playoffs, and the Anaheim Angels. I was dumbfounded.

Read the whole email, and see if you agree.